Mary Loscerbo - Vocals
Leonardo Volo - Keyboards
Stefano Allegra - Electric Bass/Contrabass
Fabrizio Morganti - Drums
Luca Gelli - Guitar


Our band is comprised of a lead vocalist, guitar, keyboard, bass/contrabass and drums. Upon Request we can also provide a sax.

We perform all our music exclusively live with no prerecorded backtracks, programmed sequencers or mp3 support.

We can provide various musical options depending on your needs.


Duo - (voice and keyboard)  - Classical and pop repertoire and a wireless mic for celebrant

Cocktails or Dinner (1-2 hours)
Five piece Band

Dance (2-3 hours)
Five piece Band

Dance Sets are 60 minutes with 20 minute breaks during which we have continuous mp3 dance music.

Included in our service are:
P.A. systems
A vast repertoire that we are constantly updating
Professional and Reliable Service
High energy and guaranteed fun!